The story of where it

All began

01 November

More Meetings

More meetings with various partners, friends and most importantly the accountant to discuss the viability of his vision. People knew that when Pete had an idea, it would be executed to the highest level to ensure his dream would become a reality.

06 September

Lunch Meeting

While at a lunch meeting with a friend within the spirits industry, Pete discussed the huge growth in popularity of gin! While enjoying a G&T later that day onic and sat there thinking this is nice and how cool it would be if I myself could make gin like this I love a challenge and creative side of me got me thinking more and more then the research started

14 October


Further research into the history of gin and how to become a distiller. The more Pete discovered the more it fascinated him. With the creative skills he already possessed and the motivation from what he had learnt he envisioned building something from nothing. That nothing was the courtyard...The Distillery was born.

10 December

Let's make Gin

Pete starts making his own gin at home. Learning more and more through testing and tasting. Although a lot of fun, his wife wasn't too happy with the number of botanicals and sample bottles left around the house.

18 January

The Architect

First meeting with the Architect. Can this be done? Pete receives green light! Gin development is in full flow, but still trying to find a balance in flavours - rigorous tasting and further development.

17 February 2018


Planning application submitted. Pete starts to test paring gins with food to integrate the dishes created at The Newbury into The Distillery experience. After a visit to Lille, France Pete's gets further inspiration and ideas for the decor.

21 March

It's all about the table

With the decor sorted, Pete focused on finding the right table and chairs to compliment the room.

10 September

A Year In The Making

Almost a year has passed since Pete first discussed how fun it would be to start making Gin and finally he has full planning permission. Although very stressful at times and a huge number of challenges to overcome it was time to make Pete's dream a reality!

20 October

Builders Start

Builders commence work on The Distillery.

29 October

Labels, Bottles & Corks

Pete used a Bristol graffiti artist to design the motif used on the front label. It was important to have ties to where he was born and to give the bottle a distinct look. This complemented the unique bottle that he sourced from a glass bottle maker in France. However, further challenges occurred, as bespoke corkers were then required from Portugal to fit the large bottle neck.

03 November

6 Weeks

Building work continues. The Distillery will be completed in 6 weeks from start to finish.

08 December

Now for the hard work

The Distillery opens its doors - time to make some Gin!

08 January

Making it official

This is serious, we're now members of The Gin Guide.

01 April

Gin Guide Awards

Shortlisted for 5 awards and The Gin Guides Distillery of the Year Award - a truly amazing moment for us at 137 Gin.

08 August

IWSC and The Great Taste Awards

We did it! Two bronze medal awards for our Country Garden and Berkshire Dry Craft Gins from the IWSC and The Great Taste Award for all 4 of our Bartholomew Craft Gins!

21 September

Royal Awards in Berkshire

A double award day at the first Royal County of Berkshire Show Artisan Gin Competition 2019 in both of our entered categories - Classic - Berkshire Dry  and Contemporary - Country Garden. Feeling pretty chuffed with these results!

08 January

World Gin Awards

What a way to kick off the year. Two gold awards at the World Gin Awards! First up, English Classic Gin for Lumber’s Bartholomew Berkshire Dry and secondly,  English Navy Gin for Lumber’s Bartholomew Navy.

16 March

Covid-19 Support

During the lockdown, 137 shifted from making gin to hand sanitizer to support the local Newbury & Thatcham community.

04 April

We made it into The Gin Guide Finals!

We've made it into the finalist categories of 1. London Dry Gin,  2. Contemporary Gin, 3. Traditional Gin and 4. the Navy Strength Gin category.

Our fabulous Gin Distillery was also nominated finalist in the category of "Distillery of the Year"!

18 May

We made it on to the telly!

Proud to take part in a BBC commissioned series with Ross Kemp for making a positive difference in our local community during the Covid19 crisis.

21 May

Limited Edition

New summer cocktail release: Lockdown Negroni

12 June

Limited Edition

Lockdown cocktail no.2 released: Ginoncello

05 July

London Spirits Awards

This is keeping our spirits up this lockdown!  2 Silver awards in the bag for our Berkshire Dry and Navy Strength gin.

10 September

IWSC Awards

We're proud! All four of the 137 Gins were recognised in the prestigious IWSC Gin & Tonic awards this week. Our Navy Strength, London Dry and Berkshire Dry were awarded bronze, and our Country Garden awarded silver.

01 September

Tasty Awards!

Great Taste Awards 2020. 1 Star for Navy strength, 2 Star for Country Garden, and 2 Stars for our Berkshire Dry

16 November

USA Spirits Rating

The USA Spirit Ratings are in and it's 2 Golds (Navy strength and Berkshire Dry) and a Silver (London Dry).

10 November

Limited Edition

Lockdown 2 cocktail no. 3 released: The Newbury Martini

29 January

International Spirits Awards

We did it. We won gold AND ‘Best in category’ for our Navy Royal, the highest scoring gin among all the entrants globally.

25 February

World Gin Awards

2021 is going to be awesome! One silver and 3 bronzes at the World Gin Awards!

19 March

Community Matters

Pete recognised by Newbury Town Council for a Civic Award AND a High Sherriff Award for the Royal County of Berkshire - Boom! Proud to have supported local communities throughout the pandemic.

29 April

Gin Guide Awards

Our Berkshire Dry has only gone and won “Best Spiced Gin” at #The Gin Guide Awards!! This is a huge achievement, thank you!

10 May

International Spirits Challenge

Every single gin in our range won an award which we can’t even begin to explain how proud that makes us! 5 wins including SILVER: London Dry, Country Garden and Berkshire Dry. BRONZE: Navy Royal and Navy Strength.

8 June

New distribution channel

We are over the moon to now be stocked by, premium wine & spirits supplier, Enotria & Co.

1 July

IWSC Awards

We have been awarded two silver and two bronze awards by IWSC - Club Oenologique. With eight esteemed judges taking part in a blind tasting, this really is another huge achievement for the 137 family.

21 September

Good Taste Awards

Our Berkshire Dry secures the 3-star Great Taste award, only 7 handed out globally. And, our London Dry is awarded a 2-star!

21 January

World Gin Awards

Our Berkshire Dry secures GOLD in the classic category!